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  • Jining United Import And Export Co., Ltd.

    export enterprise of one-stop shopping station for construction machinery, heavy trucks and spare parts


    The company is now established and developed cooperation with Shantui, Sany, Liugong, XCMG and SDLG; HBXG, Beiben?and other Chinese and world brands. Provide customers at home and abroad with one-stop complete equipment and heavy trucks of construction machinery and complete after-sales parts service.


    site preparation, earthwork handling, road leveling and other operations...
    construction of port, dock as well as the cleaning, stockpilling, loading and moving etc of cargo...
    mining roas builing and maintenance, site cleaning, material loading...
    old building tearing down, site preparation, material loading and moving, digging...
    planting trees, build fish pond projects. Will involve digging ditch...
    Water Conservancy
    river/lake transforming, antiflood project, dam construction, hydropower ...
    site preparation of the landfill, road construction and waste handling...
    Coal yard/Energy
    earth moving, site leveling, compaction in the construction stage...
    Desert Manage Project
    water reservation, land transform, desert control, grass/tree planting and environment greening...
    Short Distance moving and load/unload...

    Product Category

    Wheel Loader
    Motor Graders
    Road Roller

    Featured Products

    Why choose us

    1、More than 30 years of experience in construction machinery, serving more than 1000 enterprises around the world, can better understand customer needs and help customers choose the right machinery?and spare parts . Help your?business.

    2、More than 10 years of international trade experience, professional construction machinery and heavy truck industry knowledge. Be able to better understand customer needs and help customers choose suitable logistics and transportation modes.

    3、Strong cooperation with major main engine manufacturers to provide customers with professional original brand-new machines and spare parts. Strong supply chain system makes your purchase price more competitive.

    4、Relying on China’s strong logistics services, ensure the timely and efficient delivery of goods by sea, air, railway and road.

    5、Provide customers with project planning; value-added services such as equipment selection, spare parts supply, technical remote support, and factory on-site counseling.

    6、Our customers have served more than 60 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Oceania, South America, Europe and Africa.

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