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  • SHANTUI Excavator SE220


    Total weight: 21900kg
    Bucket capacity: 1.05m3
    Engine power: 124kw/2050rpm


    Comparative item SE220 (Standard version)
    Overall dimensions
    Overall length (mm) 9605
    Ground length (During transport) (mm) 4915
    Overall height (To the top of boom) (mm) 3040
    Overall width (mm) 2980
    Overall height (To top of cab) (mm) 3070
    Ground clearance of counterweight (mm) 1080
    Minimum ground clearance (mm) 470
    Tail turning radius (mm) 2925
    Track length (mm) 4270
    Track gauge (mm) 2380
    Track width (mm) 2980
    Standard track shoe width (mm) 700
    Turntable width (mm) 2725
    Distance from slewing center to tail (mm) 2920
    Working range
    Maximum digging height (mm) 10100
    Maximum dumping height (mm) 7190
    Maximum digging depth (mm) 6490
    Maximum vertical digging depth (mm) 5770
    Maximum digging distance (mm) 9865
    Maximum digging distance at ground level (mm) 9680
    Working device minimum turning radius (mm) 2970
    Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade (mm)
    Maximum digging depth of bulldozer blade (mm)
    Model Cummins B5.9-C (China-II)
    Type Inline 6-cylinder, high pressure common rail, and water-cooled and turbocharged
    Displacement (L) 6.7
    Rated power (kW/rpm) 124/2050
    Hydraulic system
    Type of hydraulic pump Duplex axial variable displacement plunger pump
    Rated working flow (L/min) 2X213
    Bucket capacity (m3) 1.05
    Swing system
    Maximum swing speed (r/min) 11
    Brake type Mechanically applied and pressure released
    Digging force
    Bucket arm digging force (KN) 99/107
    Bucket digging force (KN) 137/148
    Operating weight and ground pressure
    Operating weight (kg) 21900
    Ground pressure (kPa) 47.7
    Traveling system
    Traveling motor Axial variable displacement plunger motor
    Traveling speed (km/h) 3.3/5.1
    Traction force (KN) 212
    Gradeability 70%(35°)
    Tank capacity
    Fuel tank capacity (L) 330
    Cooling system (L) 28
    Engine oil capacity (L) 20
    Hydraulic oil tank/system capacity (L) 190/400


    The paralleling radiator is adopted to effectively prevent the overheating.

    The exhaust system is optimized based on the Fluent simulation to reduce the exhaust noise and improve the engine power utilization effciency. The transmission route is optimized based on the MATLAB vibration system simulation principle so that the noise level of the machine is superior to CE standard requirement. The three-stage integrate fuel filter and the electric fuel pump guarantee the good fuel adaptability and effectively protect the engine.

    Product reliability

    The high quality core parts and the design optimized working device feature stable and reliable quality.

    Operations and maintenances

    The large color display can real-time monitor the working status of machine mode and incorporates the malfunction self-diagnosis and record function.
    The multi-stage power control is adopted for the manual and electronic accelerators so that the user can select different working modes depending on own needs. The diversified optional attachments, including breaking hammer, ripper, and quick change device, can be equipped to realize the digging, landfill, breaking,and leveling operations, featuring multi-function capability.
    The remote installation locations for the maintenance parts ease the maintenance operations.


    Within the spacious cab, the arrangement and color matching of the upholstery are designed as per the ergonomic principle. The full-automatic A/C system, automatic air vent adjustment and distribution, and height and position adjustable seats feature excellent adaptability. The cab is equipped with composite shock absorbers to effectively mitigate the vibration of the cab.


    The all-new modeling is designed as per bionic principle and is covered with fully molded and electrophoresis treated coverings.

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