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  • SHANTUI Excavator_SE245LC


    Machine weight: 24800kg
    Bucket capacity: 1.2m3
    Engine power: 150kw/2050rpm


    Overall length (mm) 9985
    Grounding length (when transported) (mm) 5350
    Overall height (to the top of the boom) (mm) 3235
    Overall width (mm) 3180
    Overall height (to the top of the cab) (mm) 3075
    Counterweight ground clearance (mm) 1083
    Minimum ground clearance (mm) 465
    Tail turning radius (mm) 3000
    Track length (mm) 4660
    Gauge (mm) 2580
    Track width (mm) 3180
    Standard track shoe width (mm) 600
    Rotary platform width (mm) 2725
    Distance from the center of rotation to the rear end (mm) 3000
    The scope of work
    Maximum excavation height (mm) 10180
    Maximum unloading height (mm) 7200
    Maximum excavation depth (mm) 6864
    Maximum vertical excavation depth (mm) 5978
    Maximum excavation distance (mm) 10198
    Maximum excavation distance at ground level (mm) 10015
    Minimum turning radius of working device (mm) 3276
    model QSB7
    form High pressure common rail water cooling inline 6 cylinder turbocharged
    Displacement (L) 6.7
    Rated power (kW/rpm) 150/2050
    Hydraulic system
    Hydraulic pump form Hydraulic pump form
    Rated working flow (L/min) Rated working flow (L/min)
    Bucket capacity (m3) 0.45~1.45(1.3)
    Slewing system
    Rotation speed (r/min) 11
    Brake type pressure release mechanical brake
    Digging force
    Stick Digging Force (KN) 115
    Bucket Digging Force (KN) 160
    Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
    Operating Weight (Kg) 24800
    Ground specific pressure (KPa) 47.9
    walking system
    travel motor Axial variable piston motor
    Walking speed (km/h) 3.5/5.1
    Traction (kN) 274
    Gradeability 70%(35°)
    Oil capacity
    Fuel tank capacity (L) 325
    Cooling system (L) 28
    Engine oil quantity (L) 22
    Hydraulic Tank/System Capacity (L) 190/400


    SE245LC-9 excavator SE245LC-9 excavator hydraulic excavator, adopts world-class hydraulic system, is equipped with highly adaptable turbocharged engine, self-developed electronic control system, faster speed, lower fuel consumption, more sensitive action, design It is better at small mining operations, can walk strongly in uneven and sloped areas, has stronger adaptability to working conditions, larger excavation height, larger excavation radius, flexible and smooth control, and high mining operation efficiency.

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