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  • SEM -Motor Grader-919


    Standard (Operating Weight): 15,070kg
    Min. Turning Radius: 7.8m
    Wheelbase: 6,140mm


    del SEM919
    Operating Weight
    Standard 15,070kg / 15.370kg(With ROPS)
    With Front & Rear Counterweight 15,870kg / 16,170kg(With ROPS)
    With Front Blade 16,270kg / 16,570kg(With ROPS)
    With Ripper+Front Blade 17,280kg / 17,580kg(With ROPS)
    Operating Specifications
    Top Speed, Forward 40kph
    Top Speed, Reverse 25kph
    Min. Turning Radius 7,800mm
    Articulation Angle, Left /Right 20°
    Gradeability 30°
    Wheelbase 6,140mm
    Travel Speed, Forward 5.3/9.1/12/20/25/40kph
    Travel Speed, Reverse 5.3/12/25kph
    Drawbar Pull 85kN
    Engine Manufacturer SDEC
    Engine Model SC9DK190.1G2
    Rated Power 140 @ 2,200kW @ RPM
    Max. Torque 720 @ 1,400~1,[email protected]
    Emission Tier 2
    Transmission Hangchi 6WG180
    Displacement 8.82L
    Bore 114L
    Stroke 144L
    Number of Cylinders 6
    Brand / Manufacturer Advance / HangChi 6WG180
    Type Converter, Powershift
    Powershift Pressure 1.3~1.7MPa
    Forward / Reverse Gears 6 Forward / 3 Backward
    Parking Brake Air Actuated, Spring
    Tandem Axle
    Brand / Manufacturer SEM / Caterpillar
    Model ST23
    Differential No-Spin
    Service Brake Air to Oil, Disc
    Secondary Dual Circuit
    Oscillation Front Up 15°
    Oscillation Front Down 25°
    Front Axle
    Ground Clearance 602mm
    Wheel Lean, Left / Right ±18°
    Max. Oscillation ±16°
    Steering Range, Left / Right ±47.5°
    Hydraulic System
    Circuit Type Load sensing, PPPC
    Pump Type Variable Piston
    Max. Pump Output 162.8L/min
    Max. System Pressure 22MPa
    Standby Pressure 2.4~2.6MPa
    Blade Width, Standard 3,974mm
    Blade Width, Optional 3,669mm / 4,279mm
    Moldboard Height 610mm
    Moldboard Thickness 25mm
    Throat Clearance 85mm
    Float Function Standard
    Moldboard Sideshift, LH 796mm
    Moldboard Sideshift, RH 678mm
    Circle Centershift, LH 926mm
    Circle Centershift, RH 758mm
    Max. Blade Position Angle 90°
    Blade Tip, Forward 40°
    Blade Tip, Backward
    Blade Cutting Angle /
    Max. Shoulder Reach outside of Tires, LH 2,394mm
    Max. Shoulder Reach outside of Tires, RH 2,108mm
    Max. Lift above Ground 475mm
    Max. Cutting Depth 715mm
    Max. Lifting Height 475mm
    Max. Draw-Pull ≥78kN
    Service Refill Capacity
    Fuel Tank 320L
    Engine Oil 22L
    Coolant 65L
    Transmission 28L
    Differential Case 33L
    Tandem Case, Each Side 62L
    Circle Drive, Non Slip Clutch 2L
    Circle Drive, With Slip Clutch 7L
    Hydraulic Oil Tank 55L
    Rear Axle (Main Reducer & Tandem) 157L


    National II emission is equipped with a supercharged and intercooled engine, with large torque reserve and strong power; The new cooling system design meets the working requirements of the ambient temperature of minus 40 °C ~ minus 50 °C; International advanced technology gearbox, electro-hydraulic control Power shift, six front and three rear gears; Three-stage drive rear axle.

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