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  • SHANTUI Loader_SL60W-2


    Working weight: 21000kg
    Bucket capacity: 3.5m3
    Power/speed: 175kw/2200rpm


    Operating weight of the whole machine (kg) 21000
    Rated load capacity (kg) 6000
    Bucket capacity (m3) 3.5-5.5
    Unloading height – unloading angle is 45°(mm) 1205
    Unloading distance – unloading angle is 45°(mm) 3314
    Digging force (breakout force) (kN) 179
    Rated load (tons) 5-6 tons
    Engine model Weichai WD615.240
    Rated power (kw/rpm) 175/2200
    Drive axle swing angle (°) ±12
    Steering angle ±35
    Minimum turning radius of outer wheel centerline 7618
    Turning Radius – Outside of Bucket (mm) 6808
    Three-term sum(s) ≤12
    Maximum gradeability (°) 29
    Minimum ground clearance (mm ) 429
    Overall length (mm) 8723
    Machine width (mm) 3082
    Overall height (mm) 3482
    Wheelbase(mm) 3400
    Wheelbase(mm) 2250


    Weichai’s new generation of energy-saving engines, with National II emission standards, high efficiency and energy saving, and strong power.
    It adopts single-stage single-phase three-element torque converter and fixed-shaft power shift gearbox to transmit power. The power is well matched and the movement is smooth. Split structure, easy maintenance. Four forward gears and four reverse gears for speed selection. It is especially suitable for heavy-duty, long-distance and other harsh industrial and mining operations, and the operation is more powerful and the movement is faster.
    The wheelbase is 3400mm, and the self-weight is 21t, which makes the heavy-duty operation more stable. It not only ensures excellent site adaptability and flexibility, but also ensures super-strong operation stability. General mine heavy-duty operations such as stripping are easy!
    There is minimal torque difference between the front and rear driveshafts when cornering. The slip difference of the front and rear wheels is avoided, and the wheel tracks of the front and rear wheels are overlapped, which improves the service life of the tire and the passing ability of the machine, and reduces the energy loss.
    The structural parts of the main engine have been optimized by finite element design, adopting plate structure, automatic robot welding, anti-load, anti-distortion, the whole machine is firm and compact, and has good stability.
    The key parts are made of imported high-pressure rubber hose, which is made by non-peeling technology. It adopts DIN standard, 24° cone and two O-ring seals, which are heat-resistant and high-pressure resistant, completely leak-proof and reliable in performance.
    The swing frame is designed to swing up and down by 12°, so that the loader can land more effectively on rough roads, with greater adhesion, better stability and passability.
    The front and rear frames are hinged with tapered roller bearings, which are reliable in use and easy to maintain.
    A variety of working devices such as wood grabbers, grass grabbers, coal hoppers, and breakers are available.

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